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A team of promotional product experts

Our team has over five years of experience in making the best custom socks possible, and delivering a top notch project management experience to make the custom sock process a breeze

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Our results measured in numbers:
Happy Clients
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Our Mission

We started with a single mission: Help organizations streamline their swag

T-shirts are played out. Mugs are played out. I can't even count how many branded water bottles vendors and clients have sent me. Socks are a style piece that can have design pizzaz, be worn anywhere, and have endless pattern and color possibilities. If you work with Makers Garments for custom socks once, you'll feel so at ease anytime you have to get a promotional product project done - all you have to do is fill out our form, and we will white glove the whole process for you. Just sit back, wait for your designs, pick one (or a few!), and boom, you're done.

Agency Team - Agency X Webflow TemplateOur Team - Agency X Webflow Template

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